So lets get started!

The first thing we need to do is getting our Apple Mac ready for compiling OMI. To compile OMI on a Mac demands some changes in some of the source files of the OMI package. At this point I would like to give credit due to the following post that shows you how to compile OMI for Linux: Managing Linux via OMI: Installation. Before you change the settings on your Mac shown in this blog, please be aware that this might pose a security risk so I would advise against doing this on a production system. Ok Lets get started. The first thing we need to do is make sure we are working with the latest version of OSX. The version that we will be using is OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.


Next we need to install Xcode (free of charge). Login to the App Store with your Apple ID and install Xcode.


In Xcode we need to change a settings before we can edit/compile/install the omi package. From the menu click Preferences and then the Downloads button. We need to add the Command Line Tools.


Your Mac does not allow you to edit source code downloaded form the internet by default. To change this we must browse to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy and change the Allow applications downloaded from: setting to Anywhere.


We also want to be able to login with SSH, so we enable this System Preferences -> Sharing and checking the Remote Login check box.


OMI expects to run under the root account, so we will want to enable it. To do this you must enable the root user:

  1. Choose Apple menu -> System Preferences, and then click Users & Groups.
  2. Click the lock icon to unlock it, and then type an administrator name and password.
  3. In the Network Account Server section, click Join or Edit.
  4. Click Open Directory Utility.
  5. Click the lock icon to unlock it, and then enter your administrator name and password.
  6. Choose Edit -> Enable Root User, and then enter a root user password in the Password and Verify fields.

Your Mac should now be ready to compile, configure, and install the OMI package as shown in part 2.